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Chamoy Trays

Chamoy Trays

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-5 4oz. Chamoy candies of your choice packaged in a 5 compartment tray/platter. Leave candy choices in the notes of cart. Perfect for parties, events, movie nights, date nights, picnics, beach days, and so much more!!

Candies Available:

-Sour Patch Kids        
-Sour Patch Watermelons
-Sour Patch Strawberry           
-Fruit By The Foot       
-Peach Rings     
-Watermelon Rings         
-Green Apple Rings
-Gummy Bears       
-Gummy Worms          
-Sour Gummy Worms      
-Lifesaver Gummies       
-Pineapple Belts

FLAVOR: Chamoy (more sweet) or Sour Mango (sour). This is the seasoning we use on our candies.

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